RVLI's Elston and Hirsch Win RVAA's 2007 President's Choice Awards

RVAA Board Member Kim Elston and former Board Member Rosie Hirsch, both from the manufacturing representation company RVLI, were presented with the President’s Choice Awards from outgoing President Ron Dempster during RVAA’s 2007 Executive Conference in Denver, Colorado. The Awards were presented during the President’s Banquet held during the final evening of the event.

The awards were created in 2006 to honor individuals who have given significantly of their time and efforts throughout the previous year in efforts to advance the aftermarket and RVAA. Elston and Hirsch join Jess Fowler from StagParkway, who received the award in its initial presentation in 2006 as the only three winners of this new RVAA award.

“The inscription of the award reads: ‘For your dedicated and tireless efforts on behalf of the Recreational Vehicle Aftermarket Association,’ noted RVAA Past President Ron Dempster. “In both cases – for Rosie and Kim – I couldn’t think of more appropriate words. Rosie has spent the last eight years involved with our Membership Committee both as a Chair and a member, and has helped out association grow with some excellent new member recruits. Kim has been an immeasurable help in her work on the Board and on the Aftermarket Promotions Committee during the previous year.”

Rosie Hirsch served on the RVAA Board from 2001 through 2005, and has chaired the RVAA Membership Committee for five years as well as serving on the Association’s Aftermarket Promotions Committee. Kim Elston joined the Board of Directors in 2006 and has served on the Aftermarket Promotions Committee for the previous two years, taking over as Chair for the group in late 2006.

“I really enjoy this award and I’m glad we have it as part of our awards presentations,” commented RVAA Executive Director Karl Etshied. “It is truly the ‘President’s Choice’ – he is the individual who has first-hand knowledge of who is working on behalf of the Association throughout the year. It gives our President a chance to formally recognize an individual member’s dedication to the association. And it is definitely an honor that any RVAA can receive if they put enough effort into their efforts on behalf of RVAA.”

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