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We are pleased to represent our Suppliers, because how it's made...matters!

Progressive Industries

"Delivering the Finest RV Surge Protection since 1998. Progressive Industries engineers and manufactures a range of high quality electrical solutions designed for the harsh environment. Every product meets exacting performance specifications and is designed to withstand extreme conditions."


Surge Protectors & Accessories; SSP-50X, SSP-30X, SSP-50XL, SSP-30XL, EMS-PT50X, EMS-PT30X, EMS-HW50C, EMS-HW30C, EMS-LCHW50, EMS-LCHW30, EMS-RDS, LCHW ByPass Switch, TT-30P, TT-30R, RV 14-50P, RV 14-50R, TT-30DFR, 14-50DFR, 50A Extension Plug, Master Cable Lock

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